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About Nesh Auto Sales

Nesh Auto Sales LLC is a unique used car dealership which offers quality vehicles to customers located all over United States. The products of this company include a large variety of used cars ranging from affordable vehicles to the most luxury cars such as Ferrari, Bentley and Maserati. Nesh Auto Sales was established in 2017 and since then it has become one of the most reputable dealerships in Georgia, United States.

Purchasing a used vehicle is a time consuming and difficult project for any individual. The most important factors in purchasing a used vehicle are the pricing, quality and trust in the used car dealership. This company uses experienced buyers to search many different sources to find the best quality vehicles from different cities. These different sources include franchised dealerships which offer their trade – in vehicles of their customers, auctions and also customers who trade their previous vehicles to purchase a new vehicle from Nesh Auto Sales. Used car dealership industry is a very competitive market, and in order to be able to make stand out in this market, the pricing of vehicles must be very reasonable and affordable. By monitoring the prices very closely and offering the best prices, Nesh Auto Sales has been able to attract many customers who are willing to travel many miles across the country to purchase their vehicle.

Customer service is another important goal of the company. All the staff have been fully trained to deal with customers from different backgrounds and cultures. By identifying the needs and requirements of the customers and offering the best option to meet these requirements, Nesh Auto Sales have achieved very high satisfaction ratings from their clients. This fact can be proven by many amazing google reviews and ratings.

The process of introducing a new vehicle to the inventory starts by market research to identify potential targets vehicles. Then these target vehicles are fully inspected to make sure that they meet the company standards. These standards include mechanical performance, aesthetics, history of the seller and pricing. By identifying the potential vehicles, our experienced buyers will then contact the sellers to negotiate the best prices. After completion of the purchase, the vehicle will be delivered to the dealership and the in house mechanics will inspect the vehicle to identify any potential issues. The mechanic will then make a report of the condition of the new vehicle and order any required parts needed for the vehicle. The next step involves thorough detailing of the vehicle. By using the latest cleaning techniques, tools and machinery all vehicle will be fully cleaned and ready for advertisement. The marketing team will inspect the cleaning and will then drive the vehicle to a well-chosen location and will use the latest cameras to take professional pictures of the vehicle. By subscribing to many different marketing platforms, these vehicles will be offered for sale and this will allow customers from all around the country to find their desirable vehicles and contact the company.

The customers’ requirements are very important. These requirements include but not limited to financing options, history of the car, mechanical and aesthetic conditions. Nesh Auto Sales do not have an in – house financing option however by identifying many lenders and banks and review their criteria for financing customers, they have established a close relationship with many banks and lenders who offer to finance clients who are in need of financing. The rates and down payments required to finance a vehicle through Nesh Auto Sales’ lenders are also very affordable and competitive which will allow the company to beat any pricing options compared to companies who offer in- house financing.

After the completion of sales with a customer, Nesh Auto Sales has always aimed to keep a close relationship with their customers to assist them in any of their issues and problems.

In early 2018, Nesh Auto Sales was able to expand their business and open up their second location in Decatur, Georgia. By carrying out a deep market research, it was able to identify an amazing location to open the second lot. The second lot was purchased by months of negotiation with the previous owner and obtaining a very good deal to purchase the land of the lot.

In conclusion Nesh Auto Sales has maintained a very high standard of quality, affordable pricing and well established trust with their clients, which has made this company of the most trusted used car dealerships in United States in such a short period of time. This company has many goals and visions for the future and has a very high potential to become one of the largest used car dealerships in the country.

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